Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities


Motto: “To develop the hidden talents of the students”.

The college provides students numerous opportunities for growth through co-curricular activities. The cultural club of the college encourages student participation in cultural competitions such as singing, dancing, debates and creative writing. These events are held throughout the year.


Motto: “Play like a Champion Today”.

Sports Club provides an environment where all individuals can play recreationally and competitively whilst maintaining a safe, student-friendly and equitable environment.


Motto: “To top the inborn talents, aesthetics of the self and excels the qualitative life style to become professionals in the future world”.

As the language is inherited, imbedded and influenced by the habits, customs, language and tradition, the mission of the Literary club is to regenerate & imbibe the moral values and hence preserve the culture.


Motto: “See Green See Life”.

The Eco Club is established to motivate and stimulate the young minds to protect the environment. It works with the perseverance and determination to shape the future generation to think and act green.


Motto: “Math simplifies your life and multiplies your opportunities”.

The mission of Math Club is to foster a community of students towards a common interest in Mathematics. Club members will have the opportunities to apply and improve Math skills and engage in the activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of Mathematics.


Motto: “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”.

The purpose of Interact Club is to provide opportunity to work together in a world dedicated to service and international understanding.


Motto: “We give computer the rules and it creates the world”.

The mission of ICT Club is to create and raise the scientific and practical efficiency and to help students to achieve their academic goals and overcome technical problems.

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